Financepeer – An Introduction!

Peer-to-Peer lending companies are picking up these days. Borrowers prefer to get instant money directly from the lenders and also wish that they have to pay low EMI. Lenders, on the other hand, want to invest their money and enjoy high interest rates. So keeping both (borrowers and lenders) advantages into consideration, FinancePeer came into existence.


Financepeer is a peer-to-peer lending company. Peer-to-peer lending means a peer can directly lend/borrow from another peer and the peer can use it anytime he needs, without keeping it in a stable place for years. To know more about peer to peer lending please Click Here. It’s a platform where borrowers can directly meet lenders and vice versa and exchange money.


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The major reason behind coming up with peer-to-peer lending idea is to  increase the cash flow liquidity in the economy and in turn reduce the existing economic disparity. This will let everyone grow together! Getting loans is a lengthy, manual and  highly time consuming process. Many traditional banks do not have the capability to analyze a customer’s personal and social data, leading to high loan rejection. FinancePeer makes getting loans simple.


It is a platform which connects a plethora of borrowers to lenders with completely digital KYC and hassle free application process. Our Artificial intelligence based technology (13,000+ data points other than CIBIL and credit data) provides a capable rating to each borrower. This evaluation of borrowers allows lenders to invest their funds efficiently and earn back in EMIs. Through FianancePeer borrowers receive loans at very less on-boarding cost and low interest rates with no bidding permitted.

Advantages to Lenders ad Borrowers



  • Static and a rigid process
  • There exist economic disparity
  • Time consuming process


  • Static and a rigid process:  It is a static process in terms of lender’s perceptive. In traditional system, when a lender invests, the money stays there in the bank for a year atleast and post that, he can only use the interest which is generated out of that money.
  • Economic disparity: Since the money is kept in the bank and is not used by people, there exist economic disparity because the money is not in the market flow. It’s just kept stagnant for a long time.
  • Time consuming process: It’s a time consuming process since the entire process is manual. You have to manually fill up all the documents and which are lengthy. Also, you have to wait for weeks before you get your money.

Traditional System


  • Dynamic Process: FinancePeer acts like a platform between potential lenders and borrowers. The borrowers can directly take money from lenders via FinancePeer. The advantage to the lenders is that the lenders can use the interest as they want. Apart from that, they can also take the principal amount whenever needed which is not in the traditional system. The borrowers get the cash in hand at a low EMI. Hence there is always money flow in the market and the it’s not kept stagnant.
  • No Economic Disparity: Since there will always be cash flow in the market, no economic disparity will prevail.
  • Hassle Free Process: This process won’t be time consuming because everything will be online. All the documents are exchanged online, keeping in consideration the security factors, the loan will be approved in minutes. Now you don’t have to wait in long queues to get your loan approved or wait for weeks to get money.

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